viernes, 13 de enero de 2012


Ever since I was a little girl I was enchanted by books. I always loved to go to book shops and stay there until I got tired of words, and I still do. I remember when I bought my first photography book. I bought it in my first trip to London when I turned 15. I was already in love with fashion and I decided to invest some pounds on The Polaroid Book. It is a delightful brief collection of the best polaroids taken by the best photographers. I remember picking it up and feeling like I was so intelectual already even if I hadn't read it yet. Then my second book of that kind that I bought was I love your style by Amanda Brooks. That book changed my view of Fashion. I bought it in London in my second trip. As soon as my feet stepped into Anthropologie I saw a table with a pile of Fashion books and I knew that that book had to be mine. I hadn't any money left because I had bought an amazing pair of Topshop Wedges and a stunning purse so my cousin bought it for me. I can't thank her enough since that day because that book it's the most amazing description of every style ever known. It's like entering into the author's closet and reading about all her inspirations and all her icons. I can say that it's a book everyone who's into fashion MUST have. And my third Fashion book was The Fashion Book that I bought with my mom when I went to the shopping. At first I wanted my dad to bought it for me, but I was afraid it was going to be very expensive so I didn't even dare to ask for the price, but when I went with my mom she told me I should ask for the price and for my surprise it was so cheap I ended up buying it and no one  could take the smile from my face. That book contains every icon and designer that meant something for Fashion in the history of earth. It's another must on every fashionista's shelf. I hope I encourage you guys to buy  them and enjoy them because I'm sure you will. And I would like to know if you have any book to suggest because I want to buy more! x

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