jueves, 16 de febrero de 2012

Beauty Day

Today was nothing but rain on my city so I decided to spend a beauty day on my own preparing my own natural facials and hair products. Firstly I prepared some conditioner for my hair with eggs and vinegar, and unfortunately it didn't end up as I had expected but my hair is shinier so there is a pro (anyway
I'll try something different next "beauty day"). Then I prepared a eggs and yogurt mask that functioned, my skin is brighter and it looks healthier so I'm pretty happy with that.
I've decided this year is going to be a year of changes for me. I want to be in peace with my body and my mind, and that means taking care of both so I'll start from that. I believe that when you are in peace with yourself the others will be too, and you will be able to acquire whatever you want in your life. I want to get rid of what doesn't makes me any good and that will be other change in my life too. The other changes will be figured out whilst 2012 passes by. Remember: "Change is good"

martes, 14 de febrero de 2012

This could be para-para-paradise

bought the really wanted CK One Shock

Wearing an H&M dress and a Gap Cardigan (my face is lame)

So I went to a fantastic place with my family this last 14 days. I had an amazing time, met wonderful people and I was allowed to relax, forget about my problems and to come back for a clean slate. Since my camera has a not so wonderful quality, I decided to to a photo diary with instagram. I know, quite lame, but I have a healthy obsession with it and I will keep posting photos with instagram until I buy a new camara in april. I hope you enjoy the brief images of what my vacations were. Lots of love, x