lunes, 30 de enero de 2012


So summer for me it's about colors (at least this one) and I want to share with all of you my last purchases that are as colorful as a rainbow. To start, my new bracelets and to finish my new laptop case full of hearts and stuff. I love all of them so much and I hope you love them as much as I do. Sorry for the quality, for now I'm just able to take pictures with instagram but I promise I soon as I can improve quality I will! x

sábado, 28 de enero de 2012

Summer at it's best

I've been out on vacations with my friends lately. Since I didn't bought anything but some friendship bracelets I spent the money I had left on some beautiful things.
I always wanted a pair of studded shoes so I decided I would do them myself and now I love them! Then I bought an amazing shirt from cook and loads of hair bands and accesories. I also tried to do a D.I.Y neon hair band but it was a major fail so I'm not going to post the failure. My holidays were incredible and super cool. I hope you guys have a great weekend and you enjoy this post. Also I hope you get inspired and do whatever you want to with your clothes! x

viernes, 13 de enero de 2012


Ever since I was a little girl I was enchanted by books. I always loved to go to book shops and stay there until I got tired of words, and I still do. I remember when I bought my first photography book. I bought it in my first trip to London when I turned 15. I was already in love with fashion and I decided to invest some pounds on The Polaroid Book. It is a delightful brief collection of the best polaroids taken by the best photographers. I remember picking it up and feeling like I was so intelectual already even if I hadn't read it yet. Then my second book of that kind that I bought was I love your style by Amanda Brooks. That book changed my view of Fashion. I bought it in London in my second trip. As soon as my feet stepped into Anthropologie I saw a table with a pile of Fashion books and I knew that that book had to be mine. I hadn't any money left because I had bought an amazing pair of Topshop Wedges and a stunning purse so my cousin bought it for me. I can't thank her enough since that day because that book it's the most amazing description of every style ever known. It's like entering into the author's closet and reading about all her inspirations and all her icons. I can say that it's a book everyone who's into fashion MUST have. And my third Fashion book was The Fashion Book that I bought with my mom when I went to the shopping. At first I wanted my dad to bought it for me, but I was afraid it was going to be very expensive so I didn't even dare to ask for the price, but when I went with my mom she told me I should ask for the price and for my surprise it was so cheap I ended up buying it and no one  could take the smile from my face. That book contains every icon and designer that meant something for Fashion in the history of earth. It's another must on every fashionista's shelf. I hope I encourage you guys to buy  them and enjoy them because I'm sure you will. And I would like to know if you have any book to suggest because I want to buy more! x

jueves, 12 de enero de 2012

Navy Blue

I'm going to let you take a look at my uber casual look today. I decided to wear some denim shorts, a embroidered blouse and a pair of converse. Since the embroidery of my blouse was blue I decided to pair it if my flawless blue Ray Ban Wayfarer. I have been very in love with them ever since my mom's boyfriend got them for me after a trip to Chile. I like them because they are different from the shiny plastic ones you can see on everyone's face. I'm not going to lie and say that they are unique because at least two girls I know have them too but I love them anyway. Mostly because I can use them with every outfit. Today I went to starbucks with one of my friends and we had a nice time. Tomorrow I'll be posting what it's going to be my clothes for the vacations which it's going to be a tough decision. I'm going to the beach with my two best friends and I bet it is going to be an amazing start of the year. I hope you guys have one too, x



Since I was craving for a ripped off black cotton shirt lately, I decided that instead of investing my money on something that it's so easy to do I would better do it myself. And I did. I took one of my mom's basic shirts (I hope she doesn't find out) and I ripped it off with a scissor. It looks kind of irregular but since I'm using it to go to the beach with my friends and stuff I assumed it was not big of a deal. I hope you get inspired to do what ever you want with this post and I also hope I had been helpful, x

Plus: My recently bought Harper's Bazaar and Vogue

miércoles, 11 de enero de 2012


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Latetly I've been having a huge obsession with white. I think it's because it's summer here in Argentina and I love how white looks over really tanned bodies. But I love white over all colors this season so that's why I chose to show you my favourite runway outfits from various collections. Let's take a look:

Cushnie et Ochs Spring 2012

Dolce & Gabanna Spring 2011

Emilio Pucci Spring 2011

Giambattista Valli Spring 2011

 (even if it has some details and embroidery in yellow I love this outfit Frida Gustavsson is carrying)

And that was all folks! My favourite designs in white. I hope you had enjoy them, x

martes, 10 de enero de 2012


What would we do without inspirations? As far as I'm concerned, everyone has an inspiration who drives you to the right or sometimes wrong direction. Inspiration can be found everywhere. When it comes to me, I'm a utterly inspirational girl. I can get inspired with anything as long as I like it: a smile, a kiss, a flower, a picture, a view, a good song. But today I'm going to show you the people who inspires me the most (without counting family and friends that are big contributors when it comes to inspiration). I'm going to overwhelm you with a brief description of what I count as inspirational on each person I'll post. Let's start:

Chiara Ferragni as known as The Blonde Salad

This girl style is one of a kind. She's always a step forward when it comes to Fashion and she's still so young. She already owns an impressive and breathtaking shoe collection that it's being sell along very famous  designers in many places. I think she has reached all her achievments and more and that's what i find the most inspirational thing ever. I think she's all she want to be and that's what I look up to.

Jessica Stein as known as Tuula Vintage

Jessica it's like an angel. Every outfit she wears she owns it because everything she wears looks as good as her. I admire the fact that she doesn't mind much about designer clothes she just focus on that elegant and classy style she always have. I envy all her trips, she's so young and she has almost travelled around the whole globe and that's what I look up to. I want to travel and learn and carry that amazing style like the one she owns.

Blake Lively as known as Serena Van Der Woodsen (among other characters)

How not to be inspired by her? She's the most stunning and breathtaking woman I've ever seen. I love how she acts and I admire her style, not to mention she's one of Karl Lagerfeld muses. That explains it all. She's so stylish classy and fierce at the same time. I admire Blake and I wish I could become a person like her. Strong.

Miley Cyrus as known as Hannah Montana (among other characters)

I think she's the person who inspires me the most. Unlike the 95%  of the world population who thinks she's slutty/not talented/trashy (among other descriptions) I think she's my favourite role model, because she's human, she knows she's not perfect, she screws up and she learns from her mistakes as i'd wish i could do sometimes. She's the most unique and special girl for me. I love her music, and I love her style because it reflects who she is and what she feels. I admire her because she's what she wants to be not what others want her to be and as far as I'm concerned not everyone can afford to be like that.

I have plenty of inspirational people but these four are the ones I look up to the most. I don't want you to agree with me, I want you to respect my opinions. Love,

Josephine, x

Say hi to Summer

Summer it's here and so it's the debut of my blog. I hope I can share with you all the things I enjoy and I will enjoy over this year. This picture reflects my favourite summer gifts so far. A Calvin Klein blouse and a Swatch Golden Watch. The first one, my dad brought me it from New York in his last trip to the states. For me it was a huge gift as it was my first designer piece. For all those who are wondering why, it is because here in Argentina we are not used to wear designer clothes since they are pricey and people use to think they are useless. I totally disagree with the last thought. Then there's my golden watch I was craving for. I wanted it so much because I pay a lot of attention to peoples hands as silly as it might sound. I think watches, bracelets and rings are sometimes a statement piece so for me they are highly important. I fell in love with my left wrist as soon as I put it on. I'm sorry I have to post it with instagram but my camara it's not working as I would want it to do but I'm sure I'll buy one in my next trip to the states which it's going to be amazing. I hope you guys can fly with me through this amazing blog. Lots of love, x