lunes, 30 de abril de 2012

Shopaholic Monday

As usual whenever people travel to Miami, I visited the shopping mall Aventura and I shopped until my brain (and wallet) told me to stop. I fell in love with every single item I bought and luckily everything fit me as I wanted. Among my shops: undies in Victoria Secret (that I refuse to show them on this blog) a basic blue jean in Forever 21, three amazing t-shirts in the same store recently named, one from JC Penney, a magnifique pullover in Mango, and an astonishing pair of shoes from Steven Madden, who has become one of my faves lately. The weather was horrid, it wouldn't stop raining. I can wait for the sun to rise. And I can wait to go back to Abercrombie & Fitch because I had fell in love with the shop assistant. Too cute to be true.

domingo, 29 de abril de 2012

Lazy Sunday

I arrived to Miami to find only rain, rain and more rain.Since we don't have the car yet we can only do short trips to the nearest places which are not as exciting as the ones thar are far far away. A quite boring trip to Walmart ended fine because I bought some fancy things. So today I'm staying at the luxurious apartment and I will rest for the rest of the day.

When she was just a girl she expected the world, but she flew away from her reach so she ran away in her sleep, dream of paradise

As I said in the title, I dremt of New York my entire life and my dream came true after all. These are the last pictures of me in New York. I couldn't help but cry when I was leaving but then I promised myself I was going back, and I know I'm certainly going back. Those two last days I went shopping as usual and I bought a Calvin Klein clutch and a pair of stunning Ray Ban you'll see in the pictures. I also bought a beautiful blouse to go to the theatre to see Nick at How to succeed in buisness. The musical was amazing and he was as stunning as always. As I said before this trip was the most inspiring ever and it was full of dreams that came true and upcoming projects. New York earn my love and respect after it. And I will never forget it.