martes, 10 de enero de 2012

Say hi to Summer

Summer it's here and so it's the debut of my blog. I hope I can share with you all the things I enjoy and I will enjoy over this year. This picture reflects my favourite summer gifts so far. A Calvin Klein blouse and a Swatch Golden Watch. The first one, my dad brought me it from New York in his last trip to the states. For me it was a huge gift as it was my first designer piece. For all those who are wondering why, it is because here in Argentina we are not used to wear designer clothes since they are pricey and people use to think they are useless. I totally disagree with the last thought. Then there's my golden watch I was craving for. I wanted it so much because I pay a lot of attention to peoples hands as silly as it might sound. I think watches, bracelets and rings are sometimes a statement piece so for me they are highly important. I fell in love with my left wrist as soon as I put it on. I'm sorry I have to post it with instagram but my camara it's not working as I would want it to do but I'm sure I'll buy one in my next trip to the states which it's going to be amazing. I hope you guys can fly with me through this amazing blog. Lots of love, x


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