jueves, 12 de enero de 2012

Navy Blue

I'm going to let you take a look at my uber casual look today. I decided to wear some denim shorts, a embroidered blouse and a pair of converse. Since the embroidery of my blouse was blue I decided to pair it if my flawless blue Ray Ban Wayfarer. I have been very in love with them ever since my mom's boyfriend got them for me after a trip to Chile. I like them because they are different from the shiny plastic ones you can see on everyone's face. I'm not going to lie and say that they are unique because at least two girls I know have them too but I love them anyway. Mostly because I can use them with every outfit. Today I went to starbucks with one of my friends and we had a nice time. Tomorrow I'll be posting what it's going to be my clothes for the vacations which it's going to be a tough decision. I'm going to the beach with my two best friends and I bet it is going to be an amazing start of the year. I hope you guys have one too, x


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