martes, 1 de mayo de 2012

Clothes are to die for

 the view from my apartment

Minnetonka studded loafers

 Kenneth Cole boots

When I say I shopped a lot...

Forever 21 neon stripped skirt

Forever 21 lace skirt

Forever 21 dress

One of my faves, printed maxi dress from Calvin Klein

Beautiful Wedges from Madden Girl (I had become one lately)

Nike men Sneakers (I'm such a rebel so I don't care about the gender) 

Those are some of my purchases. Then I bought some things to go get my ass into the gym, like shorts and sneakers, a DKNY sweat pant and some white jeans I forgot to display in those shots.

My title is my last conclusion referring to my last trip to the Sawgrass Mills Mall. As I said before this time I totally shopped until my wallet and my aching feet told me to stop. The Mall was huge and it was full of brands and stuff that I love. Luckily I got to buy in lot of those brands I like. You know when you need to stop when the first  two words that pop up in your mind are 'SELF CONTROL'. I was trying to get that but there was no store selling it so I kept buying other stuff like crazy. Sneak a peak on those fabulous clothes up there in the pictures!

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